Hikaru Games Children of the Night

Can the most unlikely hero save us from Eternal Darkness?

UPDATE (12-October-2018): Children of the Night is sold out.


Centuries ago, the Night had a son. He had many names, but only one still echoes in the corridors of history: Count Vlad Drakul, the Child of the Night.

Defeated in 1899 by a young scholar by the name of Abraham Van Helsing, Drakul has awoken 40 years later and now the Child of the Night is back amongst the living. What could have caused his return?

As it turns out, Drakul’s awakening coincides with the coming of a demon who promises to spread chaos and darkness across the world, and Drakul’s fate is somehow tied to this dark monster. Can our world be saved by the Child of the Night?

The game

Children of the Night is an Action RPG in which you impersonate Lord Drakul. You must unravel the mistery of his unholy resurrection in the dawn of World War II and find out the true story behind an ancient god that threatens humankind.

During your quest, you will explore many dangerous areas across a huge map, encounter friends and foes and solve all kind of puzzles that will test all of your habilities.

You will increase in experience and power as you collect items and weapons. Will you be able to find all the items and to give Lord Drakul all of his Dark Powers?

While in your adventure, you will listen to gorgeous musics, watch magnificent scenarios and discover a complex storyline. You will end up believing that the fictional world of Children of the Night is real!

[…] the near future of Hikaru Games and the MSX couldn’t be better. (RetroManiac)

Main features

Size MEGA ROM - 2 Mega Bit.
Graphics Improved when played on MSX2 and newer generations.
Sound Digitized PCM voices and sounds on MSX Turbo-R machines.
Savegame Cartridge’s built-in NVRAM and password system.
Controls Keyboard or joystick.
RAM Requires 64KB.
Manual A6 size, full color, high quality, 16 pages.
Packaging Full color, high quality, robust 15x12x2.5cm laminated cardboard box.


Next is a Youtube playlist. Please use the navigation tray to watch all the videos.

Some of the videos in the playlist are promotional footage, recorded during early development stages. The images they contain may significantly differ from the final product.

As soon as you watch the trailer I’m sure you’ll be taken back by just how good this game looks on the MSX. It has great graphics, a super soundtrack, and what really appealed to me is the fact that not only will you be levelling up, but you’ll be blasting enemies across fantastic landscapes both indoors and outdoors. So I for one can’t wait, and as for a release date, it’s coming soon! (Indie Retro News)

The team

Children of the Night has been developed by Hikaru Games:

Special thanks go to Armando Pérez (supporting code), Miguel Ángel Fernández (initial graphics), Sandra María Garzón (illustrations), David Fernández (beta-testing), Juan Miguel Ortuño (beta-testing) and Luc Miron (manual and game texts proofreading).


UPDATE (12-October-2018): Children of the Night is sold out.

Children of the Night
45 €
+ shipping expenses (*)
+ 5% PayPal fees

(*) Spain: 5€. Europe: 10€. Rest of the world: 14€