Tonight is going to be a night to remember!

UPDATE (25-January-2021): Suite Macabre is sold out.


Stranded in the middle of nowhere on a dark and stormy night, your only hope to keep your job as research assistant is to enter this infamous, eerie and ramshackle hotel.

Your boss, the once renowned Professor Dr. Egon Kowalski, is not attending his duties at the university and has been spotted wandering this abandoned hotel at the city outskirts for the last few days. Numerous cases of strange electrical phenomena have been reported by the locals, which the univesity board believes might very well be related to Dr. K’s oddball experiments.

The dean himself gave you an ultimatum: bring Dr. Kowalski back or be fired.

Beware though, because entering the hotel will hurl you into an adventure of horror and mistery. Strange creatures roam the place, and even just taking refuge from the storm for a few minutes may be the worst mistake of your life. Whatever you do, tonight is going to be a night to remember…

Developed by Maltanto, the game looks really impressive for the MSX platform, and one of the must-haves for any MSX fan. If the previous releases published by MICROMANCERS are any indication, this will also be a real quality release in a really nice packaging. (VIDEOGAMES CLASSICS)

The game

Suite Macabre is an adventure game in which you impersonate a shy research assistant in search for his mentor, Dr. Kowalski.

You must untangle Dr. K’s misterious vanishing in the abandoned Dunwich Hotel while taking care of the strange and disturbing wandering creatures.

To achieve your goal, you will have to interact with the environment, pick unsuspected objects and use them in the most strange places and… bosses. Fight bosses in memorable battles between light and darkness!

What happened in this hotel? Has Dr. Kowalski opened doors to places beyond our comprehension? The answers to these questions are all in this genuine adventure game!

[…] if you’re looking for a high quality MSX game to keep you company, you may be interested in keeping an eye on MICROMANCERS upcoming game ‘Suite Macabre’. (Indie Retro News)

Main features

Format ROM cartridge.
Size MEGA ROM - 2 Mega Bit.
Languages Bilingual. Choose between English and Spanish for in-game texts.
Graphics Improved when played on MSX2 and newer generations.
Controls Keyboard or joystick. Two control configurations available.
RAM Requires 8KB. It works on every existing MSX.
Manual A6 size, full color, high quality 16 pages. Text in English and Spanish.
Packaging Full color, high quality, robust 15x12x2.5cm laminated cardboard box, black microlen (foam) inside.


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Suite Macabre
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UPDATE (25-January-2021): Suite Macabre is sold out.